„Trans-Fly“ and “Eagle-Claw”

Eagle Eye® Solutions “Trans-Fly” is our innovation in drone operations


With “Trans-Fly”, we can fly transport flights of 10 kg -25 kg for customers over short distances such as construction sites or in the service area of ventilation systems. Be it filters for a monoblock or insulation for the façade builder, aluminium profiles and solar panels can be flown onto a roof for installation. In viticulture, we fly the vine cuttings from the vineyard to the chopper so that they can be processed into mulch.

Handicrafts, roof work, assembly work, construction sites, viticulture, hunting (animal carcass recovery), photovoltaic/solar energy assembly, horticulture, etc.

We always fly on visual contact with the drone.

No long advance reservations, direct enquiries possible for short-term assignments.

A transport flight with the drone is approx. 40x faster than with the crane and is approx. 40% cheaper and therefore also pays off for every craftsman.

With our specially developed load latch system, we can pick up loads and then unclick them on the spot without dropping the transport rope. Our partner in the field of load lifting (shortline and net) is the company AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH, based in Immensee. The professional for all types of load lifting equipment.


From 2021, we will also introduce the novelty “Eagle-Claw”. With this system we can quickly and efficiently remove crows’ nests from the treetops. No more high costs from tree climbers and sky-workers.

Salvage operations

Recovery of drones / model aircraft or even animal carcasses are possible. We also have trained personnel for these special operations.

(Both systems: patent pending)


Our handle “Trans-Fly” has even made it to Dubai. It will be presented at the virtual trade fair “Heli-Show” at the stand of our partner Airwork & Heliseilerei GmbH. In May we will be there, Life.

Crow’s nest recovery with a drone

Source: «Aargauer Zeitung»


Specially trained flight assistants from Air Work & Heliseilerei GmbH (SUVA standard) ensure a smooth operation during the mission. Our partner for communication is Pilacom AG from Kriens. Communication through the use of professional communication equipment such as radios (Vokkero) and headsets with helmets (Protos) provide additional safety during the operation. (Not yet available here in the video)

A stabiliser (self-developed) ensures that the load comes out of oscillation (see video: 0:36 – 0:44). The oscillation is stopped immediately, so that the load is automatically directly vertical to the copter.

Demo: Test with a total of 24.5 kg take-off weight / payload 10 kg

The Agv2 Edition 2021 L

With the special copter from Aero41, we can perform short-distance cargo flights with visual contact. Our “Trans-Fly” latch system combined with the Shortline can be used with nets, big bags or lifting straps up to a max. payload of 25 kg. Instead of the lower handle, we can also use the “Eagle Claw” for recovery.

Spec. "Trans-Fly" Copter AGV2 (Edition 2021 L)

(exclusive only for Eagle Eye®Solutions)

Please see News / August 2021

Security certificates


Load application means

With the special “Trans-Fly” copter Agv2 we fly loads up to approx. 25 kg with a net, big bag or with lifting straps. The world’s leading company for lifting technology in aviation, AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH, ensures quality and safety with the CE certificate. Our partner also has these EASA certifications.

EASA Part 21 G POA CH.21.G.0022 | PO EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC | PO Regulation (EU) 2016/425 simple PCDS | Maintenance – Repair – Overhaul | Expert

Transport flight request:

Please fill in all the fields so that we already have preliminary information to be able to plan the mission better. On the FOCA map you can enter the exact address of the operation and then see whether the operation is in a no-fly zone. If this is the case, we have to apply for a permit from the responsible airfield manager or from Skyguide.

We will obtain the permits for you.

Red CTR1 (control zone) = 5 km no-fly zone (special permit), Blue CTR2 = max. flight altitude 150 m AGL (without permit), Yellow = nature conservation area ( general no-fly zone)