Handover of the first AGv2 Edition 2021 L by Frederic Hemmeler, CEO of Aero41

AGv2 Edition 2021 

Integrated systems engineer Quentin Collet, CTO of Aero41.

The latest spray copter technology comes from Switzerland

We are the exclusive distributor and service partner of Aero41 in German-speaking Switzerland, Italy and Romania. The AGv1 is the first homologated spray copter from Europe. It was the first to pass all tests for approval as a spray copter in April 2019. In the meantime, the spray copter has been continuously improved so that it is the only spray copter on the European market that is capable of applying up to the grape zone and even under the leaves. Regardless of whether it is real mildew or the pseudeo one, the AGv1 manages it without any problems.

The AGV2 (Edition 2020) is now available. This copter has the latest technology and a specially developed controller that makes programming child’s play. No matter if flat agricultural land or steep vineyards. The AGV2 masters all situations.

New from 2021, the AGV2 Edition 2021 L without spray system will be used for special load transport (see Trans-Fly).

AGv2 Edition 2021


Because we are never better served than by ourselves!

We tested everything the flight controller market offered … and came to one conclusion: we had to develop our own! Years of being in the field meant that we knew exactly what our machines needed to be capable of, and it was on this basis that we developed AerOS ™ for you.


User-friendly, robust, durable and light

A robust and light interface, developed to facilitate the deployment of your autonomous missions. The Aero41 MCI ™ is equipped with our MCS ™ – Mission Control System which allows you to plan and execute your treatments quickly and easily.

  • Screen: 7 “inch high brightness touch screen

  • Certification: IP67

  • Telemetry: Integrated MAVLink

  • Autonomy: 6 to 10 hours

  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz

  • Range: up to 10 km

  • Weight: 1034 g


A mission planner / controller designed for you

We should even rather say: thought by you! The Aero41 MCS ™ is a simple and intuitive mission control software: no superfluous menus, no illegible icons, no unnecessary information, only the essentials to control and manage your missions in an efficient, precise way, fast and safe!


Aero41’s brand-turn

A turn developed by Aero41 … and not just for its aesthetic appearance. The advantages of SCT ™ in a few words:

  • lateral movement without “leaving” the treatment area

  • time saving in transitions between lines

  • the UAV always processes in the same direction, which guarantees homogeneity on each line (no forward / reverse)

With its sophisticated technology and its special “split” nozzles, the AGv1 achieves the most optimal results for all customer requirements.

The AGv1 is also being continuously developed for other special missions.

With nationwide coverage, Eagle-Eye Solutions and Aero41 guarantee the customer fast on-site operations. Service or repairs have short downtimes as we source spare parts in Europe.

The predecessor

The new AGv2 has been in operation since January 2020. Even better technology as well as further renewals are driving the success of the AGv2 forward.

The first spray copter that can apply into the grape zone and even under the leaves.

Easier flight programming and better accuracy in the field or on slopes. The result will convince you when you use the most modern spray copter in the world.


Our pilots have the specialist permit LG (handling of plant protection products) from the FOEN, which will be obligatory from 2019.

Eagle-Eye Solutions flies with pilots who are in possession of the “UNO” or “DUE” licence of the SVZD (Swiss Association of Civil Drones). It should be noted that none of these examinations are recognised by the FOCA or EASA and are therefore not mandatory. In order to fly the AGv1, training by Aero41 or Eagle-Eye Solutions is required.

Fast, professional, efficient and cost-effective for every budget, as we work with three different terrain models in three price ranges.

We guarantee professional and speedy work by experienced professionals.

Distributor and service for German-speaking Switzerland

We are distributor and service partner of Aero41 in German-speaking Switzerland and also fly missions for them. We are happy to help you and advise you on site. For special tasks, Klaus Schilling (former vineyard advisor of the canton of Zurich; Strickhof) is at your side.




Tank & battery support

A tank designed for the field: 17 liters of capacity, a very large filling opening (fitted with a removable filter) and a receptacle for the batteries directly above, battery pack stays right in the center of gravity of the UAV.

Spraying ramp



The best on the market!

A spreading boom which has evolved enormously and which has proved its worth, a working pressure calculated precisely to allow an optimal distribution of the product … and no pressure variation with us: you can continue to work without having to reinvent the wheel or be addicted to gadgets!



Double the competition!

” Drones, just like helicopters, do not allow optimal quality of application on the cluster. Ground interventions are therefore necessary to make up for this deficit! “

Years of hearing this, years of working to fix it. It is now done!



More than one and a half times faster!

Not only do our machines ensure better application quality, but in addition they do it more than one and a half times faster than the competition! A significant time saving when it comes to moving from one plot to another during the treatment campaign.




Complete file included with purchase!

Free yourself from heavy administrative tasks such as rewriting risk analysis manuals and documents (SORA). All documentation is delivered with the drone , as well as the required training. Our partner SORA Consulting also supports you if necessary.

Swiss made.png


Quality label!

Aero41 is the only company that manufactures crop protection drones with the Swiss Made label. The Swiss share of the value of our products exceeds 85% … and the trend is on the rise! By choosing Aero41, you are supporting the Swiss economy and ensuring quality that lives up to the Swiss reputation.

Aero41 AGv2 vs. competition