Spray copter Operation BTI

In the event of elevated levels of floodwater mosquito larvae in the Thur floodplains (nature reserve), we apply the BTI for the Biosafety Department of the Canton of Zurich using our scatter copter.

Mould control with “*BioClean”

Schimmelbekämpfung bei Neubauten und auch als prophylaktische Massnahme.


Special spraycopter operation at night. Preparation/planning of bird deterrence at Zurich Airport (ZRH) with the ROBIRD

Spraycopter-Operation “BioClean”

PV system treatment with our “BioClean” to clean all organic pollutants from the air. Nature then works for you for 3 years and keeps the PV system clean. No mechanical cleaning necessary.

Damage inspection from the air

We use a special copter with a zoom camera to fly damage inspections after storms throughout Switzerland. Fast and efficient recording of damage for the Basler building insurance.