Safety First

Safety is our top priority

For objects in residential areas or in cities, we attach great importance to safety. For this reason, we cordon off the flight area accordingly to prevent people from entering the overflight area.

Triopanes and barrier tapes help us to prevent this.

In case of no-fly zones which have been established by the FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) especially for civil drones, we will obtain the flight permission. (see button BAZL)

For special missions with the spray copter with “BioClean” or with “Trans-Fly” or the “Eagle-Claw”, we work with flight assistants who are all simultaneously connected to the pilot via radio.


New law since 2020

For spray copter missions, the copter takes off from a special platform. This serves to collect any liquids during refuelling that would otherwise directly enter the ground in a highly concentrated form.

Insurance coverage:


Eagle Eye® Solutions GmbH is covered by a liability insurance policy for personal injury and property damage of CHF 3 million with Delvag Versicherungs AG. Delvag Versicherungs AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa.

For airport missions with our Robird, special insurances for the duration of the mission are taken out for at least CHF 50 million.

Vehicle safety

Our vehicle is equipped with the most modern fire extinguishers of our partner Foppa AG. One Co2 extinguisher and one powder extinguisher each. A gel extinguisher for the lipo batteries would be available, but Foppa AG is currently still testing alternative options in the form of an “extinguisher box”, as the maintenance of a gel extinguisher is cost-intensive and automatic activation would be preferred.

Every drone owner is well advised to prepare for the event of a fire.

When it comes to safety, our stance is clear: we make no compromises. Foppa. Safety First.

We are proud to have as a partner one of the main suppliers of the Swiss fire departments, which, under the motto Safety First. gladly prepares its customers as a reliable, competent partner for emergencies.


Communication has also been a safety concern for us. Therefore, we decided to use the professional radio system “Vokero” with Bluetooth from Pilacom AG. This system is also used by FIFA internationally for the referees. Together with the special helmets from Protos, this results in the perfect communication solution for every mission. Pilot and flight assistants are constantly in contact with each other.


All flight assistants are trained by our partner A&H Airwork & Heliseilerei GmbH according to SUVA guidelines after a specially compiled training as flight assistants for underloads with drones. We are the first worldwide to use this training.


Apply as pilot and or flight helper (without permanent employment)

Not all people are suitable to fly underload flights or special spraycopter missions. Everyone has the opportunity to prove themselves and can apply.


  • Spatial thinking
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Communication skills (calm)
  • Concentration
  • good knowledge of German and or English
  • Driver’s license cat. B
  • basic knowledge of drones is an advantage (but no race drones)
  • EASA A1/A3 (advantage as pilot)

Interested? Then contact us at :


Eagle Eye® Solutions GmbH flies with pilots who have the necessary experience as pilots. Eagle Eye® Solutions GmbH also works with professionals, some of whom hold a real pilot’s licence (man licence) or a helicopter pilot’s licence and therefore have many years of flying experience.

We therefore guarantee professional and speedy work by experienced professionals.