Robird / AVES/ AVES Falcon Bird

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Crow scaring in Kaiseraugst AG

The Robird is a robotic drone with wing flapping propulsion. It is mainly used at airports, landfills, ports and in the agricultural sector to sustainably reduce bird pressure.

In August 2019, the world’s first trial to actively scare away crows using Robird began. Eagle Eye® Solutions was the first company in the world to use Robird with great success in the sustainable deterrence of ravens and rooks. In August 2020 (video) the bird pressure was reduced by more than 85%.

Fixed Wing Falcon / Flapping Wing Falcon

The new generation of falcons is ready. After long research and new developments, a new generation of falcons has emerged.


AVES Falcon Bird

The AVES Falcon Bird is a further development of the Robird. However, it no longer flies with wing flapping propulsion, but is a fixed-wing aircraft with a propeller in its mouth. The precise and high speed together with a micro camera in the belly enables the direct attack of the crows in the tree tops. The AVES Falcon Bird is more efficient than its predecessor.

The AVES Falcon Bird should be in use from summer 2021. This drone will then also be available for purchase.

(Pictures and videos to follow)


The Flapping Falcon can now only be booked as part of a service lease.

The Aves Series

The AVES Series is an exciting new addition to The Drone Bird Company flock. This drone bird is realistic, covert, light-weight, and unobtrusive. Clients can choose from a range of models that best suit their needs. The subtlety and long-range capability of the AVES Series allows for a reliable way to monitor even the most challenging of environments.

This stealthy drone bird is primarily for surveillance and reconnaissance. It is a fixed-wing unit with various uses, such as border control and observation. Typical customers include the defence industry, police, safeguards, and kingdoms.


The AVES Series has a range of applications for multiple purposes. It offers classical ISR with tactical observation, mapping, and charting; infrastructure control with critical monitoring; search and rescue with thermal and visible light-based search and coordinate estimation; and surveying and remote sensing with orthomosaic, photogrammetry, mapping, and survey.


Although multiple designs are available, the Larus seagull design is the most requested AVES Series model by clients. This is because the seagull design is popular, with the actual birds present on every continent.

All of our drone birds can be made to order, so to purchase units requires prior consultation. This is because we value our clients’ needs and personalize each order. To inquire about an AVES Series or other drone bird, please contact us at