ROBIRD / AVES / AVES Falcon Bird

We are the exclusive partner and distributor in Switzerland of the Drone Bird Company. We are responsible for the sale, use, service and training of the products such as Robird, AVES and Aves Falcon Bird.


Our partner for design and development

Marenco brings ideas into shape | Marenco realizes products and new business models from concept to commercialization | Marenco helps holistically to achieve entrepreneurial goals | Marenco consults and trains sustainably.

Since its foundation in 1997, Marenco AG has established itself as a design, engineering, quality and production partner. Many industries are served by Marenco, such as mechanical engineering, aerospace, medtech, food, process and energy, and consumer goods.

Load application device

Our exclusive partner for all types of load handling equipment and exclusive drone flight helper training (SUVA-Norn)


The new revolution in inspection – resellers and inspections all of Switzerland

Facade cleaning throughout Switzerland with bio-cleaner and the most modern spray copters

Patent application / Trademark application

Our partner for patent and trademark law. Very competent and excellent advice for our startup.


Our partner for professional communication between the pilot and the flight assistant.

Energy supplier

Swaytronic (Schweiz) AG is a leading provider of products and services in the fields of battery technology for RC model making, mobile energy, and engineering of special and industrial applications. The company has locations in Switzerland and Hong Kong and maintains partnerships worldwide. You are the central driver of all our efforts. We live customer centricity and focus our activities on maximising product benefits for you.  We also strive to provide you with the best possible shopping experience, online and offline.

Our supplier and partner for safety “on board”.

When it comes to safety, our stance is clear: we make no compromises. Foppa. Safety First.
Wherever smoke and fire can occur, we come into play. To ensure effective fire protection, we offer you not only personalized advice but also a wide range of high-quality, innovative solutions tailored precisely to your individual needs. This is how we set new standards in fire protection.