August 20222

On August 31, 2022, Eagle Eye Solutions became the first company to receive an operating license for flights over 30 kg from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). Now, according to SORA, we can legally use our self-developed and FOCA-approved underload system “Trans-Fly” throughout Switzerland, independent of location.

The new era has begun.

June 2022

Diving Drone “Sae-Claw

We are the first in Switzerland to have this diving drone in use.

This is a completely new approach that we are taking. Drones do not only exist in the air, but also in the element water. Eagle-Eye Solutions now has a professional working diving drone. Various underwater operations are possible. Whether search and rescue, inspections, surveying, support for diving operations, maritime police, forensics, etc..

Many thanks to the indoor swimming pool Männedorf, which made it possible that we could train in the diving tower pool (before opening).

April 2022

Our new team member: Nathanel Apter

We are especially proud to have him as a member of our team. Our Quality Compliance Manager.

Thanks to his efforts, we are now the first company in Switzerland in possession of an operating license (31.08.2022) and may legally perform drone flights over 30 kg. Underload flights or even claw missions can now be flown.

He was with the FOCA for 3 years and handled SORA applications among other things. He is a luminary in drone aviation. In the meantime he has founded his own company. creates and prepares all the necessary documents required for an operating license in Switzerland or abroad.


June 2021

From today 30.06.2021 we are no longer called Eagle Eye Multicopter Service GmbH, because we have adopted the name of our own label.

Eagle Eye Solutions GmbH

June 2021

25.06.2021 / New fleet member

Agv2 Edition 2021

With this spray copter we apply BioClean on PV plants, roofs or sports facilities. The Agv2 Edition 2021 will also serve as a replacement copter for the winegrowers in German-speaking Switzerland. We guarantee all-round support and don’t just talk about it.

Pick up in Aigle at Aero41

June 2021

We are now official partners and together we develop underload systems for drones. All products get the certificates: CE and EASA Part1.

A&H AirWork is one of the leading companies in Europe specializing in helicopter recovery systems.

June 2021

Thurgauer Newspaper

The AGv2 Edition 2021 from Aero41 is now also successfully in use in German-speaking Switzerland. Two winegrowers Weingut Engel and Bioweingut Lenz from Uesslingen are now spraying their vines with the most modern spray copter in the world. Weingut Engel sprays with conventional pesticides, supplemented with organic products and Bioweingut Lenz uses only organic like homeopathic tea which he produces himself. Two different winemakers working with the same type of drone.