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industrial drone operations, research and development.

Spraycopter use with BioClean

The use of our bio enzyme cleaner “BioClean” cleans your facade, your roof or your photovoltaic system in a natural way. Mechanical cleaning is not necessary.

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Novelty: “Trans-Fly” and “Eagle-Claw”

With “Trans-Fly” we can realise transport flights of 10 kg -25 kg on short distances for the customers. 40x faster than with a crane and approx. 40% cheaper – therefore also pays off for every craftsman. (patent pending)
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Inspection flights

Be it inside or outside industrial plants, underground (caves, tunnels, mines, water supply) or during rescue operations in the mountains at rock or glacier crevasses as well as other special inspections.

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Eagle Eye® Solutions

Inspection with Elios2

Multicopter inspection flights are ideal for quick and safe inspections of hard-to-reach or dangerous objects. With the Elios2, we fly where others can no longer fly.


Spraycopter operations with our special bio-cleaner “BioClean” against all organic soiling from the air. We fly your roof, PV system or facade

Trans-Fly / Eagle-Claw

We fly transport flights of up to 25 kg on construction sites or for the installation of PV systems with our specially developed and patented “Trans-Fly” system. With the “Eagle-Claw” we can remove crows’ nests from the treetops or carry out other recovery flights.


The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) or Skyguide is responsible for the no-fly zones and may issue a special permit. Otherwise, we also contact the respective airfield manager to obtain an ascent permit.


Our competent and experienced team consists of professionals in the field of drone operations, as well as specially trained flight assistants and a large network throughout Switzerland and Europe.


“safty first” is our top priority. Barricades and special warning signs at the respective operation sites ensure the necessary safety. We also use professionally trained flight assistants with the appropriate communication system for difficult missions.

Eagle Eye® Solutions

The right solution for every application


We are resellers of Flyability in Switzerland. With the Elios2, we fly where others no longer do.

Transport flights

Transport flights up to 25 kg pay load with our patented “trans-fly” underload system


Cargo flights with “Trans-Fly” up to max. 25 kg. Fast, efficient and cost-effective.


Spraycopter use with our “BioClean” bio-cleaner


“Eagle-Claw” our recovery claw up to 25 kg.


Robird is the latest drone technology with wing flapping propulsion. Robird is used worldwide at airports as well as in agriculture.

Research and Development

We develop our own systems that can be adapted for use with drones. “Trans-Fly and Eagle-Claw are our patented systems.

Our fleet

In three years, we have already reached the point where we have a fleet and a large and professional equipment.