Spraycopter operation with BioClean.

The use of our bio-cleaner “BioClean” cleans your façade, roof or PV system in a natural way. Mechanical cleaning is not necessary. The use of BioClean is very cost-effective. There is no need for scaffolding or the expensive use of a Sky-Worker. No damage to the surroundings, or long downtimes of the scaffolding.

The Bio-Clean works independently and breaks down the organic soiling in a natural way. The rain does the rest. After approx. 3-5 months, all residues are removed and there will be no new soiling of this kind for 3 years.

BioClean is completely non-toxic for humans, animals and other plants.

BioClean is a bio-cleaner and is not subject to the (ChemRef) BAG. Therefore it does not have a CHNr. for chemicals.


The use of BioClean is approved by Bio Swiss, FIBL, BAFU and the BAG. In order to apply this bio enzyme cleaner with air application, a special permit is required from the FOCA. Eagle-Eye™ Solutions is the only operator to have this exclusive authorisation from the manufacturer.

We also treat the PV systems of Lidl Schweiz AG throughout Switzerland with BioClean.

Spray copter use on EFH PV system with BioClean

BioClean can also be applied to PV systems. All organic pollutants from the air are decomposed over 3 years and the weather then takes care of the rest. Natural cleaning with sustainability.

pray copter use on EFH-Dach with BioClean

BioClean can also be used for roof cleaning. After approx. 3-5 months you will hardly recognise your roof. All algae and moss will have disappeared and your roof will shine in new splendour.

BEFORE (Kreuzgangsäule Fraumünster Zürich)

An der Säule im Kreuzgang hatte es massive Algenbildung und Vogelkot Ablagerungen. Der Boden war bis 2m weit vo der Säule ebenfalls mit Algen bedeckt.

AFTER (after 48 hours)

After 48 hours, everything was washed off with just a hose (no nozzle). The algae have disappeared and so has the bird droppings. The bio-cleaner breaks down the protein molecules of the bird droppings, making them soft and washed away by the rain. This also works on the PV systems.


New in 2020…..

  ……..we wort with the following companies


……and revolutionise facade cleaning

We fly for the company Greutol AG with the most modern spray copter of Voliro AG or with our own spray copter also facades. No matter whether cleaning or prophylactic pollution treatment. No more scaffolding or skyworkers are needed. The new generation of façade cleaning will begin in spring 2020 with the technology of Voliro AG. With this drone, we can clean facades up to 40 metres high or apply BioClean. The cost of cleaning a façade is affordable for everyone and no longer requires months of planning. No ground pressure or long view restrictions on balconies or windows due to scaffolding. With this latest technology, we are even able to clean soffits and hard-to-reach areas.

At the end of February we will start with various test events in the area of facade cleaning. Just ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

Spray-Copter (Test: Limmattalspital, Dietikon ZH, 2019) with this copter we will also fly facade cleaning as well as apply the BioClean.


(Old labelling, new BioClean)

BioClean in use against mould

We also use BioClean to combat mould in flats, basements and after water damage. BioClean is also used prophylactically in new buildings. New buildings are usually built in autumn/winter. During this time, the new buildings are exposed to all weather conditions. As soon as a building is occupied, it usually does not take long for mould to appear in the cellar or even on the upper floors. BioClean prevents the mould from escaping and fights it already in the masonry (raw concrete/brick) so that no mould can develop.

No more expensive mould treatments, which is actually only a cosmetic treatment, but then reappears after 3-6 months.

The tenant or builder will be very grateful.