About us

Eagle Eye® Solutions GmbH

It all started with a pure bio-enzyme against algae, moss, mould and lichen. With our BioClean we got more and more orders on buildings and roofs. Small houses were no problem because we could work with a special spray lance by extending it up to 11 metres. But what did we do on very high roofs or buildings like churches? That’s when we came up with the idea of flying these objects with a spray drone.
In the meantime, our customers include not only private clients, but also renowned large companies. Their PV systems, roofs and facades are treated with our BioClean from the air.

With Eagle Eye® Solutions GmbH you have a competent partner with whom you can also carry out orders quickly and professionally at low cost.

Scaffolding and sky-workers were yesterday!

Today, flying and saving money with Eagle Eye® Multicopter Service GmbH.

After three years of existence, we now have various agencies as distributors and exclusive arrangements with products and our own label. In addition, we have reached the point in research and development where we have patented our own systems and are able to place them on the world market.

ass. Member of the Swiss Airfield Association (VSF)

Member of the International Drone Association UVS-I since 2019