Eagle Eye Solutions is breaking new ground.

Drones are not only in the air, but also in the water. The latest technology in diving robots allow very fast and professional work to be carried out underwater.

Our „Sea-Claw“ diving drone Fifish W6 Pro is a professional diving robot (ROV) and is equipped with various tools. Objects can be grabbed and recovered as quickly as possible.

Current equipment:

  • Gripper arm with 7Kg bite force
  • 2 x 4 K cameras
  • 2 x 6’000 lumen LED light
  • Diving depth: 300 m (max. 350 m)
  • Metal detector
  • Bulldozer catcher
  • 300 m data and tether
  • Vision-Look
  • Dive time with Li-Ion battery 6-8 hrs (depending on use of accessories)

Future equipment:

  • 360° Sonar
  • Collision sensor
  • Water sample container 550 ml
  • Impact sample container
  • Unlimited dive time
  • Power supply directly from shore (emergency vehicle)
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Own construction:

  • Salvage catcher (jewellery, mobile phone etc.)

Areas of application:

Salvage of all kinds

Every year, various things such as boats, vehicles, mobile phones, laptops, weapons etc. have to be salvaged from the waters for the criminal police or forensics. Such an operation is very expensive and costly for insurance companies as well as for the rescue personnel.



Our new commitment in 2022/2023:

SAR missions, search for parts after boat accidents, aircraft accidents/crashes, vehicles of all kinds, etc.

For insurance companies or accident investigations, we can search the bottom of the lake very quickly and more cost-effectively than usual and also recover objects (smaller ones) immediately. The search for persons is always carried out by the police diving units of the cantonal police. These operations are usually only coordinated by the cantonal police.

Environmental protection

Search and recovery of e-scooters and other rubbish that could pose a danger to people and the environment. Impact sampling to check for contamination of the lake bed by chemicals or ammunition.


Diving operation monitoring during underwater work (live transmission of images) to increase safety, as well as additional monitoring during diving operations to special or dangerous depths.

Diving drone „Sea-Claw“


Inspections of underwater installations at seaside resorts or harbour facilities, breakwaters, buoy fields, quay walls can be inspected quickly and efficiently and everything is recorded digitally. All data recorded during an inspection is handed over to the client for evaluation after the work has been carried out.

Seawater treatment plants: Community/ Industry

Also for sea water treatment plants inspection of pipes and strainers. Inspections of power lines or other important installations.

Underwater archaeology

Very gentle underwater archaeology operations can be carried out without stirring up mud, as a 4K camera with 12’000 lumen light delivers perfect images live to the vehicle. Objects can be measured via laser directly with Sea-Claw to +-0.1mm accuracy.

Recognition and approval:

The image material of our diving drone is approved by the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) as pre-inspection image material. All data can also be used for insurance purposes and are approved.

Hull inspection

You want to buy a second-hand boat and the boat is in the harbour. Normally you would have to take the boat out of the water to inspect everything thoroughly. With Sea-Claw you can do this within a few minutes. You have saved time and money.
The diving drone can also be used very quickly for an inspection for the insurance company after an incident, for evidence or damage assessment. All pictures and videos are binding.
To be sure if the hull is heavily populated with mussels and algae, or to make the decision to clean the hull for a better result before a regatta, we can also help you here.

Lost jewellery?

According to insurance companies, about 2.4 million Swiss francs worth of jewellery and valuables are lost in Swiss waters every year. About 1.8% of these are found again. With our diving drone, we can detect and recover your lost jewellery on the bottom using a metal detector. For this reason, we have received permission from various cantonal archaeological offices to carry out search work with a metal detector.

Underwater work

With our diving drone „Sea-Claw“ we can carry out various underwater works. Before a diver is deployed, we can very quickly make an analysis of the underwater conditions to facilitate the dive.

  • Inspections of harbour facilities, power lines, offshore platforms etc.
  • Bow inspections of yachts, tankers, passenger ships, ferries etc.
  • Surveys for underwater archaeology or geology
  • Accompaniment of diving operations
  • Seawater pipelines and strainer inspection

Deployment times and regions:

The Sea Claw can be deployed very quickly and therefore does not require a large number of personnel and additional equipment.

Emergency (SAR) missions:

Zone 1:          2-3 hrs. after call-up
Zone 2:          4-6 hours after call-up
Zone 3:          7-9 hrs. after call-up

All other deployments are precisely coordinated by us and agreed with the client.


Emergency vehicle:

The entire power supply for all equipment in the vehicle is ECO-FRIENDLY as we are equipped with solar technology. For this reason we are not dependent on an external power supply, so we are always and everywhere ready for action.